Is Going to Law School a Great Idea?

Make no mistake: going to law school will change your life. In deciding whether you ought to pursue this path, you ought to both follow your instincts and think about the following questions:

law1Why are you thinking about going to law school?

Analysing your hopes and needs before applying will help you choose whether pursuing a law degree is worth your time, hard work, & funds, can help choose the right school, & may also keep you on track in the coursework of law school & beyond.

So ask yourself what you plan to do together with your law degree. Yes, law degrees are more versatile than ever these days, which mean that you don’t must be a full-time attorney together with your J.D. Before you start law school with an alternative career path in mind, though, make definite that a law degree will actually be helpful in achieving your career goals.

Be definite to speak to people in your selected field, management, to get a feel for whether a law degree will open or close doors for you; some employers may be weary to hire you in fear that you may leave to practice law full-time. If you are pursuing law as a second graduate degree, talk to others who have done this & learn from their experiences.

Have you tried out your selected profession?

Whether you are thinking about a traditional or non-traditional legal career, have you spent some time researching &, even better, experiencing that profession? Even working on an entry-level can give you a better idea of whether you need to commit yourself to a specific career path-and whether or not a law degree will help you get where you need to go. Try to find work or an internship somewhere in the legal or court method to get a feel for the practice of law in lieu of relying on what you have seen lawyers do on television.

Are you able to afford law school?

Law school is expensive-in both time & funds. Don’t underestimate the time dedication that law school entails. Besides attending classes, there is an fabulous amount of outside reading & research necessary, so don’t assume that because the classes fit in to your schedule, you’ll have lots of time otherwise. Through effective time management, of coursework, you can have a healthy school/life balance, but you still won’t have tons of free time.

Regarding funds assess your financial situation honestly & think about that law school may need taking out tens of thousands of dollars worth of loans-which in turn may mean that you need to take a job one time you graduate from law school because it pays well & not because your heart is in it. This analysis is important, of coursework, in the event you are married and/or have babies.

Even before applying, find out more about law school financial aid.

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