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lawschool2The best online law school for you may not be the best online law school for someone else. The online master’s degree in law opens job opportunities with leadership positions and even higher paying salaries.

If you have the self-discipline to manage your time, an online law degree is for you. California is currently the only state with a program for students graduating from an online school, or even a correspondence school. Unlike other distance learning education institutions in the United States, law schools form a distinct subset of graduate institutions because of the unique requirements necessary to become a lawyer.

Northwestern California University’s online Law graduate program offers an affordable legal education with classes taken over a 4-year period. Now that you know about online law school, you should know that they are looking for students like you everyday. The job outlook is quite sunny for those looking to go into a career in the law field. Students should take classes such as these in high school if available, and definitely while in college.

The exam administration function gives students online access to exam IDs and pass/fail election, as well as allowing them to download exam software. Sponsored by Willamette University College of Law, Willamette Law Online is staffed entirely by its students. The significance of comparing the 80% figure for the California School of Law with Abraham Lincoln’s 16.8% and Concord’s 25.1% need not be be labored. Concord Law School offers two online Law programs that students can complete in three or four years on a part-time basis. The school says it normally hires one or two new faculty a year, and usually those focused on legal research. Outside of class, you can participate in online discussion forums and conduct research in Lexis and Westlaw, the two premier online legal research databases. Unfortunately, law firms, which are filled with attorneys who graduated from traditional law schools, often prefer graduates from traditional law schools. Chances are strong the good jobs will go to graduates of ABA accredited law schools. Unfortunately, an ABA approved online law school is not possible given the ABA’s refusal to accredit online law schools, but this is a very positive step in the right direction.

As you can see from the above information most states do not honor law school online programs and online law degrees. In a business and professional climate highly regulated and rich in legal dimensions, the law is so important that everyone should understand it. Find the job you want in the legal field by enrolling in an online degree program in law and criminal justice today. The master’s in law or advanced online degree programs offer practicing attorneys and non-attorney professionals an opportunity to specialize in specific areas of law. Online law & criminal justice degree programs offer a way for individuals who are working in law enforcement to gain added credentials and qualify for more advanced roles. Often those who pursue LLM degree do so to gain expertise in a specialized field of law, for example in the area of tax law or international law.


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