Law Students: What’s Your Average Cost for Law School?

3Knowing your costs establishes whether you’ll have sufficient money to spend for your academic training, or if you should look for help through financial aid programs. This graph gives you some info compiled by the American Bar Organization (ABA) regarding the typical cost of going to law school throughout the 2010– 2011 university years. This can assist you in narrowing down your college options



Average annual cost of law school

2010 – 2011 academic years

Expense PUBLIC Resident PUBLIC Non-Resident PRIVATE
Tuition and fees $20,238 $32,804 $37,446
Off-campus living expenses and books/supplies $19,527 $19,527 $20,663
Total $39,765 $52,331 $58,109


Applying to law school costs money, too

There are additionally costs associated with getting into law university– what we call the “Pre-Law Institution” costs (see right). The Law University Admission Examination (LSAT) registration is a FIXED expense. All the others are VARIABLE costs (meaning they hinge on your choices).

They consist of prepping to take the LSAT, screening fees, application fees for your university(s) and moving costs. It is necessary to get ready for these costs beforehand since you cannot borrow student loans to pay for them.

Details offered from LSAC shows that legislation college applicants put on around 6 universities in 2011 (some put on 20 or more universities). The overall cost to put on 6 institutions, when you factor every little thing in, could possibly exceed $2,500.

Note: In a minimal variety of situations, you could be able to have several of these costs waived. To read more pertaining to LSAC fee waivers, check out the Law University Admission Council (LSAC) at LSAC.Org. For more information regarding legislation university application disclaimers, contact the law universities to which you are using.


Identify your own costs

The chart listed below provides some information regarding the average price of entering Law School. We have actually supplied price quotes of just what students could expect to invest on several of these costs. And as standards, they do not necessarily represent what you’ll end up paying but can aid you in planning for these prices. When completing the “Your Price” column, try to be as precise as possible.

Note: Estimates of the typical cost of school to, tuition down payment or moving expenditures are not supplied as these prices will certainly differ. It is essential to factor these in to your budget too when you’re determining to go to law school. Note: In a limited number of circumstances, you may be able to have some of these fees waived. For more information regarding LSAC fee waivers, visit the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) at LSAC.Org. For more information regarding law school application waivers, contact the law schools to which you are applying.


Average costs of getting into law school

Items Average Cost Your Cost
LSAT Registration $139
Credential Assembly Service (CAS)
($124 + $16/school)
Average based on applying to six schools
Law school application fees
(Assumed average of $60/school for six schools)
Guide book(s) $50
LSAT preparation varies
School visits (airfare, gas, lodging, meals, etc.) varies
Tuition deposit varies
Moving expenses (moving van/trailer, housing deposit, etc.) varies
TOTAL Expenses

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