What to Do With a Law Degree: Careers for Lawyers

l2The job market is rough for lawyers. Whether you’re thinking about law school or are in school at the moment, you may be questioning what to do with a law degree. Or maybe you have a job but are considering a career change. Even in the best of economies, life goes too quickly follow a career path that doesn’t hold for you. As a Juris Doctor, you have several career choices. Legal skills are for the most part desirable in the business world.

4 Areas of Specialization in Law Practice

The legal occupation has often been maligned and derided even by industry practitioners themselves. Yet, it is a career that is much wanted and essential nowadays. 6 year law courses that most universities and colleges offer, at the end a graduate has many options to select in defining or specifying the area of practice. Here are some of the areas of specializations that one can decide after acquiring a law degree:

Trial Lawyer/ Criminal Law.

– DUI lawyers are very popular these days especially because they handle a wide variety of criminal matters including drink driving and traffic offences, intervention orders and all court appeals. DUI lawyers are very popular as well because of the complex laws in most local cities and counties.
– Tax lawyers. Tax lawyers are essential especially for those who are more affluent and the answer is not tax evasion but tax minimization. These lawyers become resourceful especially for large corporations who want to pay the precise amount of tax as obliged or can find a way to optimize their net profits. For practitioners of this field, a degree in finance and accounting is an advantage but not necessary.
– Corporate Law. Most of the lawyers do practice this form of law. This specialization includes amalgamations and acquisition, maritime law, and other commerce related activities which ultimately needs some form of legal work. The documents and phrasing of contracts are essential these days to circumvent any problems in the near future. In the case of maritime law, there may also be issues that deal of ownership and insurance of goods as the prime carrier of goods still involves shipping.

– Divorce Law. These lawyers are accountable for getting the best resolution for their clients in such cases in which two people formally together hope to live apart. It is a sensitive topic and matters may get personal so that is why the divorce attorneys are there to compose an unbiased account.

Operational as an in-house counsel

The traditional path for lawyers who want to work for a business is to move from a law firm to in-house counsel. These are highly desired arrangements. Some lawyers prefer to be a salaried employee rather than agonize about maintaining billable hours. It can from time to time provide a better work-life balance than working at a firm. Conversely, the positions are highly aggressive and often demand solid experience.

Alternative careers for lawyers

While in-house counsel positions may be difficult to get your hands on, lawyers can still work for businesses in non-law arrangements, even if they have just graduated law school. Although such occupations do not require a law degree, the skills you gain in school-communications, research, analysis and clear thinking -make you important to a company. Your law degree may aid you get a job in an assortment of industries and positions.

Law grads can do very well as investment advisers. Such positions can be profitable when working for a firm that handles wealthy clients, but you have to deliver good results in your work, as your pay is incentive-based. Another less common option is investment banking, feasible if you work in certain areas of finances.

Labour and employment law also opens choice in human resource management. If you enjoy working with people this may be a good career path for you. You could also focus your career on commercial realty or business insurance. There are myriad options and it’s up to you to decide which direction to go.

How to find a job satisfaction

Whether you are anxious about finding a job or searching for a more satisfying career, it’s imperative to reflect on your options. Think about your skills and your personality, and then research what other lawyers like you have completed with their careers. If you follow your enthusiasm, combine that with your strengths and do a good quality job of networking, you can find a satisfying career.

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