Your First Year in Law School

lawschool2From your first day of law school, you may be besieged by the extraordinary workload in all of your classes. To live to tell the tale and pass your first year of law school, it is important for you to be organized and to create a process of studying that works for you. You need to be prepared to spend long hours studying while you attend law school so that you are starting to organize yourself for your state’s bar exam and a future arrangement in law. If you stay on mission and find a way to read and understand your material, you can get the most from law school.


One of the most crucial study tools that you will use throughout your law school career are outlines. These will help you to systematize the absolute volume of information you are learning. Creating outlines for each of your law courses will make certain that you are organized in all of your law school courses. During your first year, you should work out a system of outlining that is practical. The goal of an outlines is to concentrate information into the most significant facts you have learned in your law school courses and to organize your class material. Within an outline, you should use broader headings, such as topic or subject headings, and bullet points or numbers with information that fits within those headings. Outlines should not include every piece of information you have learned but should amalgamate the information that you find to be most important.

Study Method

You need to make sure that you use a means to study law that allows you to look over and understand the copious amount of notes in a short period of time. During law school, you will be expected to know the particulars of different types of law and cases. It is vital that you get a good understanding of the type of law or cases you are studying for different classes because your teachers are likely to use a Socratic method of learning in the classroom. If you work better in groups, join a study group where you can talk about material from your classes. If you read through your textbooks and casebooks, energetically participate in class, go to the library to search for information and recruit help from others when you need it, you are likely to comprehend your materials better.

While studying long hours will not promise you good grades in law school, it will improve the chances of getting better grades and developing an understanding of the material. Your definitive goal should be to learn about the diverse facets of the law and interrelated cases so that you will be a good lawyer in the near future. Getting ahead in your classes and working with others when you need tuition or extra help from classmates can guarantee that you are able to study successfully while in law school.


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